All the solid wood for your boat kit

Includes hull and spar material, shipped to you

An Echo Bay Dory Skiff Timber Kit heading out.

An Echo Bay Dory Skiff Timber Kit heading out.

The Chase Small Craft Hull Timber Kit includes all the solid lumber called for in the plans to build the hull, precut to final dimension, and shipped by FedEx in an 6" x 12" x 96" box. We try to ship less than 8' as it saves considerably on shipping. You as the builder will cut and glue the lengths together with a scarf joint (we will supply directions with how to do this). Typical parts in a hull timber kit vary from boat to boat, but typically include:

  • rubrails and inwales, chinelogs, and keels (the parts that usually require at least one scarf joint)
  • laminations for frames, stems or strernposts
  • seat risers and seats for interior
  • breasthooks and knees
  • floorboards and cleats
  • oarlock pads & footrests
  • centerboard trunk endposts and bed logs
  • lumber for making solid wood foils
  • all solid wood that is not plywood and not a mast or spar is what is included in the Hull Timber Kit

The Chase Small Craft Spar Timber Kit will be needed if you do not intend to buy the Carbon Fiber or a ready-made set of masts and spars. Typical options for spars include:

  • Solid boom and yard. If you want  to build your own spars, we will ship the Spruce in 8' maximum segments which you glue to length/width and shape according to the spar plans. The spars come already 8-sided and ready for you to shape. We can do a hollow box boom and birdsmouth yard for an additional charge.
  • Hollow mast. Most of my plans call for hollow-birdsmouth masts in which case we will supply the staves precut with the birdsmouth and delivered in up to 8-foot lengths which must be glued together. I can also provide the molds and templates with which you can accurately glue and shape the whole mast.

Oars. At this time Clint is organizing to supply oarmaking kits.  On a limited basis, I make custom oars that are worth their weight in gold. Check them out here.

If you request a quote on the store homepage, be sure to indicate what you would like for the options above. Or call me at 207-602-9587. Email is a good option as well.