Maine designer Clint Chase acknowledges the influence of designers he admires, especially in his early work—Paul Gartside, Iain Oughtred, François Vivier, and Joel White in particular—but intuition also plays a big role in his boats. “I just draw until it looks right,” he says. Based on this new yawl of his, it’s an approach that works extremely well, if you have as good an eye as Clint Chase, and have spent as much time looking at boats as he clearly has.
— Tom Pamperin, Small Boats Magazine

who is clint chase?

Thanks for visiting the Chase Small Craft website. I have been designing, building and boating in small craft since 2005 and it is exciting for me to see it all come together in my business.

Chase Small Craft is about my singular vision: to design and build the finest small craft in the world while helping people build their own boats and transform their lives.

I do this by utilizing a number of talents, a couple being a penchant for perfectionism and hard work. I call it, "sneaking up on perfection".

With hard work, time, and the help of my customers and students, I am always learning and improving, and I work hard to reflect that in my kits and plans.

As an educator, I am also focused on helping people learn by doing, and move through their project, answering questions and delivering information that will help them succeed. This is my teaching method as well: providing clear and crisp instruction and then setting students up with their projects, helping them along the way and making sure they are successful. I teach a number of workshops and courses at Compass Project, Engine, and the WoodenBoat School.

In 2008, I started Clint Chase Boatbuilder, LLC working out of Portland, Maine. After a brief stint teaching at The Landing School, I worked at Hamilton Marine in Portland while scheming my next business plan. While I have retained Clint Chase Boatbuilder, and plan to build custom boats from my catalog in the future, I am currently completely focused on boat kits and plans and thus Chase Small Craft. I live and work in Maine with my two kids and wife and we love it here. Had I lived anywhere else, I would not be designing, building and enjoying the small boat life!

Thanks for visiting.