Really Simple Sails has a line of sails for Chase Small Craft purchased through us

Hamilton Marine a discount Marine supplier based in Maine

Port Supply a discount supplier not based in Maine but they have good hardware for small boats

Gambell & Hunter Sailmakers one of our Maine-based sailmakers

Sailrite makes sailmaking kits for those who really want to make everything for their Chase small craft

WoodenBoat School one of the finest sets of instructors assembled in a beautiful setting on the coast of Maine

Northwest Maritime Center a wonderful non-profit education organization in Port Townsend, WA and location of the Wooden Boat Festival and workshops that build Chase small craft

Compass Project works with at-risk-youth buildin gboats in Maine

WoodenBoat Publications of WoodenBoat magazine and they run the great WoodenBoat Show

Small Boats Monthly Small Boats Monthly is a wonderful resource for us small boaters and I highly recommend supporting them with your subscription. If you haven't yet visited the web site, you'll be able to see two full articles before being prompted to subscribe. There are two reviews of my boats.

Off Center Harbor online video producers of all things maritime

Swanson Boat Company maker of leathering kits and tallow products based in Connecticut

Old Wharf Dory Company builds finished boats (new construction) on Cape Cod, Mass.

Vivier Boats helped me start my career by being my first real boat kit contract in 2010

Storer Boats inspired me to start into this crazy business

Jordan Boats cuts my kits in the UK

O'Connor WoodenBoats cuts my kits in Australia

Router Solutions, LLC cuts my kits in New Hampshire and Maine