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A List of Completed Projects that were Crowdfunded


Calendar Islands Yawl 16

Thanks to Barry of Bedford, New Hampshire and Michael near St. Paul, MN for sponsoring the mkII CIY project!

Caravelle Skiff Mk2

2015 COMPLETE! Thanks to Ross, Niko and Iain for helping sponsor this project.

  • Hull improvements: shift volume in hull aft to improve sailing trim, increase freeboard

  • Refine the slot & tab construction of hull sides

  • Draft a brand new set of plans

Deer Isle Koster Mk2

2015 COMPLETE! Thanks to crowdfunders Alec, Bill, James, and Dan. Also, thanks to my friend Bruce Elfstrom for drawing the originals!

  • Refined hull shape to best reflect the originals but refaired for easier planking

  • Strongback included in kit

  • New plans