How do I order a kit?

Ordering from Chase Small Craft is simple! Call us at 207-602-9587, email or fill out this form to get a quote. Once you have an agreed-upon quote, a deposit of 50% is required for Chase Small Craft to begin cutting your kit.

I’ve never built a boat before - any tips?

Building your first boat from a kit is a great choice. The pieces come pre-cut and ready to be assembled. All of our kids come with detailed instruction manuals and the CSC guarantee that we will help you every step of the way. We are here to provide advice throughout the entire build process. Be patient with yourself and take the leap into boat building. You won’t look back!

How does shipping work?

The wood goes out on a large 4x8 foot pallet. The plywood is stacked on the pallet after cutting and the solid wood is laid on top of that. The whole think is well packaged and strapped. The pallet ships by freight truck, always a 53’ truck. I calculate the freight charge based on weight and the size of the pallet. Most pallets ship for between $250-450 depending on location. The hardware usually goes out separately by USPS or FedEx and the epoxy has to go separate, too, because it is considered hazardous. See more here about freight shipping on the plywood kit page.

Help! My kit is missing a part!

Call us at 207-602-9587 or email and we will get a replacement part shipped to you ASAP.

Can Chase Small Craft make a kit of the boat I’m interested in?

Call us at 207-602-9587 or email! We love taking on custom projects and are always looking to expand our catalog of available boats. We are passionate about watercraft and want to hear the story behind your boat. If we are able to take on your project, we will agree on a timeline for design and production.

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