Build-your-own Sailboat kit


Classic sail & oar boats, modern design and construction

These sailing boats offer more capacity and can extend your cruising range. They are all rowable craft but sailing is the primary purpose. They will all require a trailer, but are still light enough to be towed by a typical car and launch alone. They are most suitable for advanced-beginners but are being built by motivated first time builders.


Boats to take you anywhere under oar or sail power!

Vivier Boats

In 2010, Clint Chase Boatbuilder and Francois Vivier developed a collaboration to develop the Jewell 6m and establish Clint Chase as the premier kit agent for Vivier Boats. Now Chase Small Craft is supplying complete kits for Morbic, Ilur, and Jewell. These boats we selected because they are ones we have cut, built, sailed, and find the most precious.

Complete Kits for Vivier boats are now available, inquire here.