Wooden boat kits for beautiful Sail & Oar 


These sailing boats offer more capacity and can extend your cruising range. They are all rowable craft but sailing is the primary purpose. They will all require a trailer, but are still light enough to be towed by a typical car and launch alone. They are most suitable for advanced-beginners but are being built by motivated first time builders.


Boats to take you anywhere under oar or sail power!

Daysailers by Vivier Boats

In 2010, Clint Chase and Francois Vivier, designer from France, collaborated on the Jewell 6m project. Clint became the sole US agent for Vivier boats. The boats we now feature are primarily a select few Vivier daysailers. They are trailerable and very much at home on any body of water.

Complete Kits and More Info Coming Soon