Build the boat from scratch with detailed instructions and plans

Loaded with information beautifully printed on 11x17” sheets

The plans package is comprehensive and thorough, the most detailed you will find in the industry. A typical plans package contains a set of 11x17" prints showing:

  • lines plan with specs and layouts for planking
  • plans for laying out and making parts (for scratch builders)
  • plans for setting up the building jig with perspective views to help visualize 3-dimensionally
  • construction plan(s) and sectional views with perspective views to help visualize 3-dimensionally
  • rudder, centerboard or daggerboard (foils), trunk layout and installation
  • full size patterns for small parts and templates for shaping foils
  • sail plans and spars plans
  • oar plan for your boat

The package includes the building manual which lays out the phases of construction and instructions for each along with a list of hardware and fittings as well as a list showing the solid wood components to cut for your boat. An epoxy guide and appendix comes with each manual as well. Finally, a builder's CD comes loaded with PDFs of the plans and a gallery of construction photos to help guide your work. All come bound in a pressboard binder with a hull number uniquely assigned to your boat.

I just opened the plans package. The CIY plan set is beautiful and the detailing and instructions are more than I could expect. Now to spend the next few days building it in my mind.
— ML, builder of another Calendar Islands Yawl