We supply our customers with beautiful oars hand-made in Maine by hand with the finest Eastern White Spruce grown in the world. Standard oars are all high-grade Spruce with flat- or spoon-blade options, leathered, and varnished. We buy our oars from the one-and-only Shaw & Tenney. The longer oars are counterbalanced for you in house before shipping out. Custom oars made in my shop come with a Spruce loom and a laminated spoon blade, either all wood or reinforced with Carbon Fiber. The oars shafts can feature a contrasting wood strip such as Sitka Spruce. The shafts are protected with high quality, vegetable tanned leathers. They are 9-14" long and hand-stitched on the shaft, with a fiberglass wrap under the leathers to protect the softwood. Martinolli D-sleeves are an option for those planning to row with Douglass (D-shaped) oarlocks and use a feathering rowing stroke. Oar grips are typically 5" length and shaped with a diameter of about 1.5". Smaller is not better when it comes to the grips; a fit for your hand is what is important. Long oars are balanced with a small quantity of lead in the grip to counter balance them and give them an incredible feeling of lightness on the boat.

Standard oars range from $350 to $650 depending on length. Custom oars range from $750 to $1,500. When you inquire, we can discuss all the options to be sure you find the perfect fit for your budget, boat, rowing style, and your waters.