Our Boat Collection

Chase Small Craft are easily the most beautiful small boats available on the market as build-your-own kits. The boats range from cartoppable dinghies to refined rowing boats to trailerable daysailers. 


Gorgeous boats ranging from 12-20 feet. Some are sail-&-oar boats and others are most suitable for day sailing. 


Swift and seaworthy boats for the discriminating rower from the Drakes to the St. Lawrence River Skiffs for fixed- or sliding-seat rowing.

The outboard skiffs

We are interested to hear from those that may be interested in a 12' version of the Compass Skiff. Email us if you are interested or fill out the form on the Store page for a quote.


Capable 10-16' skiffs for sail, oar, or motor that are designed for beginners, family boatbuilding, or seasoned builders wanting a quick build of a beautiful boat.