Morbic 12

Classic Sailing dinghy by Francois Vivier

Clint Chase is proud to be an exclusive kit producer for the Morbic 12

Photos courtesy of F. Vivier

We look at the French super dinghy, the Vivier Morbic 12 with her proud owners Michael and Sarah Curtis. Expensive? Take a look and discover this beauty. There's only two that we know of in the UK. and she could be the best 12ft dinghy you'll ever see. Copyrights.
A beautiful Morbic 12 built by Adrian Donovan, photo courtesy of Fancois Vivier Architecte Naval

A beautiful Morbic 12 built by Adrian Donovan, photo courtesy of Fancois Vivier Architecte Naval


LOA   12' 0"
LWL   11' 0"
Beam   5' 1"
Draft (board up/down)   6.75"/31"
Depth amidships    
Sail Area 82 sq. ft.

When someone asks me for a dedicated 12-foot sailing dinghy that is classic, fast, light and fun to sail, the Morbic 12 is absolutely my first thought. She is light at 176 lbs (without rig and oars) so is easy to cartop. I find that two adults can comfortably sail the Morbic unlike most 12-footers. I sailed the Morbic for a day in the Morbihan of France with the designer's son and boatbuilder and I found the Morbic to be stable, fast, and fun.

Like the other Vivier kits and Chase Small Craft, she builds easily from a kit in about 240 hours. The precut strongback makes setting up easy and accurate, the precut planking splices together with the NC Scarf and most of the interior is included in the set up. So, by the time the boat is turned over, all that remains is the seat tops and deck. Use our timber kit for the Morbic to trim your boat with mahogany, ash, and Spruce for the spars. The hardware kit allows you to focus your time on building without all the legwork of finding the right stuff to fit out and rig your boat. The epoxy kits give you everything you need to coat, glass and glue your boat together. Sails and oars are stocked and made to our specifications for the Morbic. We are the only kit supplier in the US providing complete kits for the Morbic 12.

Construction photos courtesy of Francois Vivier Architecte Naval