Boat kits to fit your wants and needs...

The Complete Boatbuilding Kit


  • Precut plywood kit
  • Plans package w/ manual
  • Timber kit for hull + spars
  • Epoxy/Glass kit
  • Hardware kit

This is the most common way people go. Oars, sails, and paint kit is additional and can easily be added to initial order or ordered later. 

The Plywood & Plans Package


  • Precut plywood kit
  • Plans package w/ manual

These are the most important kits. You would handle getting the rest of the materials or you can add the other components piecemeal to fit your needs. Some people go this route if they already have ready access to solid wood, epoxy, etc. or have some leftover.

Custom Kit Quote

If the first two options don't work, use the Order Form to tell me exactly what you want and we'll price it all out for you.

The Plans Package

Loaded with information beautifully printed on 11x17” sheets. Includes manual.

Hull & Spar Timber Kit

All the solid wood for the hull & spars, precut and shipped to you.

Paint Kit

We carry marine paints that are well suited to our boats and can set you up with paint, varnish and supplies.

Precut Plywood Kit

Save 25% time, use less plywood, and gain incredible accuracy w/ CNC cut parts.

Hardware Kit

All the screws, fittings, blocks and lines to fit out and rig your boat


custom oars

We have a special relationship with Shaw & Tenney oarmakers in Maine. They make oars specific to our boats and our specifications.


Leave the figuring out and mixing to us and System Three or MAS Resins.


Our sails are designed in collaboration with a few of our favorite sailmakers.