Developing the Calendar Islands Yawl Daysailer

Be part of the Calendar Islands Yawl project this winter

Calendar Islands Yawl daysailer

New design

the brief:

      Hull above will be modified to create more of a daysailer hull form with ample freeboard and some deadrise for choppy water. Narrow flat bottom will be retained for beaching.
·         Capacity will be up to 4 people maybe 5
·         Loa ~18’8” x ~6’6’
·         Weight estimate ~200lbs
·         Plywood stitch and glue bottom and lapstrake topsides 9mm ply
·         Large foredeck with coaming and high bow make it a dry boat
·         Lug-awl rig or gunter-sloop configurations w/ centerboard
·         Auxiliary power by oars or small OB motor
·         Interior layout with side benching and a thwart across to stabilize cb trunk and provide a spot to row from
·         Motor well aft, 2.5-4hp
·         Side benches aft and forward compartment provide positive flotation

      The idea is to find an interested group of people to help fund this work. If you are interested in having a fantastic daysailer that you can have an influence in the design, please email me at