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Jewell is coming along nicely at French & Webb.

Last week I finally got up to the Belfast area to see Jewell. This one is the first US built hull, so it is exciting for me having spent the last couple years collaborating with the designer, Francois Vivier, to work out a boat that would be popular for our market here in the USA and Canada, be fun to sail for weekend warriors as well as families, and not be terribly complicated or expensive to build.
Jewell hull #2 under construction in Belfast, Maine.

I mentioned in the last post that sometimes when you go from virtual to physical reality with a boat design, somethings don't look or feel quite the same. But with Jewell, she is exactly as we wanted her to look and feel. The lines are great, her proportions are great, and the boat will be roomy for a 20-footer, or 19'8" to be exact. In the photo above you can see the transom. Here is one of two pieces of custom SS parts to be fabricated, the rudder housing...

Rudder head for Jewell
The bulkheads and planking in the kit went together without any fuss and all the inside components have already been check for fit. Things drop right into place on the inside. We're working out some details regarding limber holes and placement of hatches and the plans will reflect those changes. Pretty soon the rig will be going up and Jewell will sail.

Regarding sails and hardware, an extensive list has already been made based on the dozens of boats Mr. Vivier has rigged. His specialty is gaff rigged boats and, while the yawl is new for his catalog, it is one of my specialties. Sails are made by our favorite Maine sailmaker and the custom hardware like the rudderhead can also be made here in maine and shipped out to a kit builder anywhere in the US or Canada.

Email me if you are interested at

Jewell is progressing at French & Webb for their Maine based client who will use her on lakes and ocean. I'll be heading up to video the turnover in a week or so. The kit we cut is going together beautifully.

Here is Chris after the garboard is attached.

And the planking is done. Those patches are the scarfs that are being faired with putty. The box keel is visible, filled with lead in the forward portion.

Speaking of scarfs, they are cut on the CNC machine and come with the kits. I recently visited MultiCAM Northeast and we played. Here is a video of the morning I spent there. We cut an NC scarf.