How much does a kit cost? What does that include?

Plywood Kits for Chase Small Craft range from $985 for a 10-foot skiff to $3,000 for a small daysailer. It all depends on the size of the boat but also the number of sheets and thickness of plywood in the kit. Boats that require a strongback are often much more challenging for new boatbuilders, but Chase Small Craft comes with all the strongback and building jig components in the plywood kit. The jig is mostly chipboard, flat and easy to machine. The parts go together like a big lego! The planks all come with a fancy CNC scarf that eliminates hours of plywood scarfing. Seating, tanks, decking (if there is a deck), and interior structure is all included. Often full size patterns are included for parts to be cut out of solid wood. Even fillet sticks are thrown in. Every detail is thought out in advance to make building a boat so much quicker and much more enjoyable than it used to be. Learn more at the webpage on complete kits.