Happy Summer

Paddling & Rowing Season is upon us

Gear up. I thought it would be good to discuss this summer some aspects of using boats and get away from all the design talk for awhile. I recently bought a new Bell Magic fast, solo canoe and have only taken it out once, but loved it. Until I finish my next rowboat design for racing, I'll mostly be paddling. This boat is fast and beautiful. Made of Carbon Fiber on the outside and Kevlar on the inside with Ash and Walnut gunwales and thwarts, this boat is not only light and responsive, but strong and beautiful. I couldn't be happier

The new Bell Magic being launched on the Saco River. It looks tippy, and is a little bit, but I quickly got used to it.

Paddling my new canoe on the Saco River just above Saco/Biddeford

For rowing and paddling I really recommend tush-for-your-cush. These GelSport seat pads have been great and allow me more hours on the water in comfort. I can't recommend them enough!

GelSport cushion: this is the rowing one. They also make one for Dragon boats and I use that one for paddling my canoe.