Small Reach Regatta 2013

Sailing and Rowing Elyssa, a 22' dory in Muscongus Bay

Hog Island, Maine

This year's SRR is much anticipated. After several years at Lamoine State Park, the venue has moved to the Audubon Camp on Hog Island. I'll be crewing a 22' boat for which I built the spars, Paul Rollins built the boat, and Roger Long designed the boat. She is called a Yawldory and is named Elyssa by owner Susie Downs.

22' Yawldory Elyssa getting prepared for the 2013 Small Reach Regatta
This year we have 57 boats registered! They range from 15' to 22', all boats that can row or sail, most trailerable. Boats in my catalog that would be perfect for the SRR include the Caravelle Skiff (14'), /clintchaseboatbuilder/p/daysailers.html (14'), Deblois Street Dory (18'), and the /clintchaseboatbuilder/p/rowboats.html (17'). The Goat Island Skiff (16') is also a great choice. The key features are that the boat be safe and seaworthy, at least 14', and be able to row or sail depending on conditions.

Having Elyssa in the shop has been a great learning experience. I've wanted to gain more hours sailing a sprit-ketch rigged boat, and this will certainly satisfy that requirement. The company is great, the weather is forecast to be nearly perfect, and we have new, exciting cruising grounds to explore. Check back in a week for the report.

Location of 2013 SRR