SRR 2013

Report from the Small Reach Regatta 2013

Beautiful weather, wonderful people, and a humbling location

Hog Island, Muscongus Bay, Maine

Elyssa tied up on first night at Audubon docks, Hog Island.
Waiting for the "go" word from lead chase boat as all the boats get underway. This morning we were in rowing mode and hanging out with the rowers, my usual crowd.
The fleet sets off with sails flying.

A typical lunch at the SRR. Boats galore!

Here is video shot as we beat out of a narrow channel in 15-20kts after lunch, day 1.

Going downwind afternoon day 2 in the Yawldory, wing-on-wing.
The downwind view from the Yawldory sitting in the bow seat at the end of day 2.

A great shot of the sleek and traditional, the 22' Yawldory.

Another favorite, the Myst by Don Kurylko.
Day 2 lunch spot and a napping participant. Can it get better?

The SRR participants are treated like royalty by the Hog staff and volunteers. Great food.

This is what every meal looks like, great food and great company.
It's not all about boats (but almost). It is also about enjoying a walk around Hog Island, birding and breathing the same air the spruce, moss, and lichens breath.

We also do a lot of helping each other. Here I am caught in the act of discussing lug reefing with a fellow lug nut.
A typical lunch stop (day 3) includes a skippers meeting and logistics to discuss the haul out procedures for 57 boats at one ramp in little Round Pond!
Heading back into camp.

A Caledonia Yawl being hauled in Round Pond on the last day.
A loon saying goodbye, until next year.