The Deer Isle Koster (KDI) is a 14' double-ender that we kitted and have available for sale. The KDI was originally designed by Bruce Elfstrom, a friend and fellow boat nerd who lives and does business in Lyme, CT. He runs a very cool company doing off-road vehicle training and teambuilding all over the world ( A couple years ago he approached about having his KDI kitted so it would be accessible to more people new to boatbuilding. He knew he had a winner of a design and we have proven that true. The first two built, hull #1 and 2, built for his daughters, live and sail in Maine. Hull #3 is being built by another Father/daughter team in Portland, Maine, Steven and Celie Bauer.
Portland, Maine team building hull #3!
You can read about their story on their WoodenBoat Forum thread.

Hull #5 was just launched off in Washington state outside Seattle. The boat turned out great and sea trials have gone well for her builder.

KDI in Washington state

The photo below shows one of the changes made to the interior. The main bulkhead under the foredeck is open so gear can be stowed or small children! As you can see there is space under the deck for things like anchor, pumps and other equipment, leaving the cockpit free of clutter. Being a double-ender, it is critical that the boat trims on the water line for best performance. This boat is rigged with a standing lug + jib. The other option is a balance lugsail without jib. The boat will sail quite well without a jib, perhaps with slightly less windward ability. However, the balance lug will be simpler and more efficient off the wind that the lug and jib option. This is because the single big sail will provide more power than the jib, because the jib will be blanketed when sailing downwind (plus the standing lug twists more when sheeted out and the balance lug boom stays more level when sheeted out). Therefore, you will sometimes you hear of the balance lug as a "self-vanging" rig.

KDI sailing with standing lug and jib rig.
See my ad in the Small Boats 2012 annual issue in the advertising section under 'plans and kits'. The KDI kit is available and ready to cut. I'd love to help you get into one of these great boats.