CNC Boat Kits and Prep for the Maine Boatbuilders Show

It has been very busy as evidenced by fewer postings. We have launched a new website for the CNC Boat Kit business will feature the boatbuilding, mast and spars, and oars work.

One of the most important details in a good CNC kit is working out the 'NC scarf'. Here is a CNC router cutting some test scarfs.


The router above is using a 1/4" bit to follow lines of code generated by computer software. The code is specific to a .dxf file for the part, in this case a scarf joint.


The dogbone shape you see is the 'key', literally, in that it locks the scarf together and aligns the entire plank. When a builder receives a kit, all the planks are precut to the precise spile and sweep of the plank but it short segments. To preserves the proper shape, this NC scarf needs to be right on the money.

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The beauty of this scarf is that it is 'blind', covered up by the outside plys so that it is not seen from the outside. This would be especially important for varnished planks.

We are very busy getting ready for the 2010 Maine Boatbuilders Show in less than a week! We will be in building #2 on the left as you enter from the main entrance direction.