Echo Bay Dory Skiff Build Packages


Echo Bay Dory Skiff Build Packages

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Request a Quote for most up to date pricing and a freight quote. The Echo Bay can be built from a kit or plans. Choose to build from a complete kit (includes plans), a plywood kit (includes plans) or from the plans only. If you build from plans or plywood kit, additional kits are available separately.   

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Plywood Kit Contents (Sailing)

The Echo Bay Dory Skiff takes 3 sheets of 6mm plywood and a half sheet of 9mm plywood.

  • 3 1/2 sheets of 6mm Okoume plywood all precut cut on the CNC router
  • Mylar pattern includes shapes for the solid wood daggerboard option, tiller, and a pattern to glue the midship frame
  • Full plans package