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Sparmaking with Clint Chase

August 5-9th, 2019

Chase Small Craft | 959 Portland Rd | Saco, Maine | 04072

In this class, we will discuss spar theory, investigate various sparmaking plans, and design a spar together for a student boat. You may bring a plan and make a spar for a boat to take away or you may learn by making a sample spar. Two methods will be the focus: making a laminated spar and building a birdsmouth mast.

It will be a dynamic class with a lot of projects materializing as the week progresses. Students will learn as much from Clint, the instructor, as they will from each other. We’ll roll up our sleeves and start milling Spruce right away. At the end of the week, you will leave with a spar ready for sanding and sealer as well as a bunch of new skills.