Masts & Spars

Lighten up for stability and performance | good for all boats 


  • Free standing rigs for lugs especially, but also sprit and gunter, require a mast to be very stiff.
  • Carbon Fiber masts reduce the weight aloft by half. This reduces the vertical center of gravity and males the boat more stable
  • Carbon Fiber masts are considerably easier to step by hand, especially while on the water, than wood masts.
Carbon Fiber Masts & Spars
from 810.00

These carbon fiber masts have been designed to fit Chase Small Craft and enhance the stability and performance of the boats. The masts are tapered and based on a 2.5" mast section, and come with reinforcement through the mast partner. Yards are also tapered and based on a 1.25" section. Masts and spars come with plugs in the ends.