Introduction to Boatbuilding

with Clint Chase building a CIY or Morbic 12


November 18-23rd, 2019 | Chase Small Craft 959 Portland Rd. | Saco, ME | tuition $950 | Bare hull available | Register by Nov1

Register by calling Clint Chase at 207-602-9587 or drop an email

Do you pine after one of our fine boats? Even another company’s boat? Or do you just need some skills? A confidence boost?

Would like the direct help and instruction a class would bring towards helping your own projects along? Do you want to bring home your own CIY or Morbic 12 to finish out? In this 1-week class, we will build a bare-hull and prepare it to go home with a lucky student to finish at home.

In the first day we will set up the strongback and the building jig, ready to plank. Most of the week will be planking and discussing the finer points of glassing seams, cutting laps, gains, and using the clamping batten system to ensure a fair hull. The end goal is to have a bare hull: hull is planked with skeg, outer stem, and rubrails attached. On the side, we will vacuum-bag the foils, learn how to shape them with templates and discuss topics such as building a Birdsmouth mast.

In this class you will also get an exciting introduction to the fundamentals of boatbuilding. How do you set up a proper strongback? How do you do glued-lapstrake planking well? How do you cut a gain? What is the most efficient use of epoxy? What are the important points to remember in preparing a boat for finishing? You will be able to answer these important questions at the end of the 1-week class.

The boat will be available to take home at the end of the week. If multiple people want it, there will be a lottery system to decide the winner. The boat cost is the roughly the same as a complete kit plus any additional sub-kits you wish to take with you.

Class begins on the 18th and finishes midday on the 23rd or whenever we finish the hull. Class runs 8:30-5:30pm daily with a night session possible if the need or interest arises.

Stay at the Hampton Inn 5-minutes away. Loved ones who may wish to join you will find plenty to do here, even in winter, like cross country skiing, shopping in Freeport and Portland, and walks on the beaches of Saco.

“While I had built a S&G boat in the past, I have set my sights on a more complex design. The CIY was a great introduction to glued clinker and all that it entails, like beveling laps. Working in a real shop with a group of like-minded people was great. The biggest learning for me was the use of hand tools – how easy and enjoyable they were”.
— Jeff, CIY class participant

To register call Clint Chase @ 207-602-9587 or email at