Calendar Islands Yawl

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Calendar Islands Yawl Plans

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LOA 15'6
LWL 13'8
Beam 5'2
Depth 20"
Weight ~175lbs
Sail area 121 sqft.


  • Idea for beach cruising due to its light weight, capacity and ease of handling
  • Kits available for either a centerboard or a daggerboard
  • Advanced beginner level build for someone who has built a boat or a motivated first-timer

The Calendar Islands Yawl was born out of the waters around the rocky coast of a Maine. She came from a lines plan I drew in 2010 for a much bigger boat, 18'8" x 6'6", which was intended to be more of a dayboat What happened is that my friend and former Goat Island Skiff sailor-extraordinaire, Christophe Matson, put a bug in my ear that we small-boat sailors needed something round-bilged and shaped more appropriately for Maine waters than the venerable flat-bottomed Goat Island Skiffs we were using, but it had to retain the simplicity, lightness, and performance of the Goat. Sometimes you end up with a very different boat than what inspired a project! 

The CIY is ideal for those wanting to camp-cruise, daysail, and explore the coast in beautiful fashion and functional perfection. The boat is a great size for singlehanding but has the capacity and freeboard to take a small family out. The sailing performance is excellent with her strong bearing aft and powerful lug rig. Yet, when you drop the rig and row, she will glide and track nicely over the distance. The extra freeboard may be a bit much if you try to row into the wind, but then you'll likely raise the sail again, anyway. The CIY does very well in light air. Yet the firmer bilge and good freeboard means that she will stand up to gusts, especially with some internal ballast added under the middle seat.

Construction of the CIY is suitable for advance beginners or a beginner with hands-on skills. The kit builds with our signature, precut-strongback with self-jigging, CNC-cut features. This makes the set up of the boat -- the foundation of the boat -- very quick and easy. The material is a flat, stable product called Advantech. The marine plywood components as well as the stem and stern attach to this set-up seamlessly. After beveling the stem and transom, the planks wrap around the bulkheads and molds and register into precut notches. The bottom and first plank are glued stitch-&-glue style (epoxy and fiberglass). Then, each plank receives a 3/4" wide bevel, cut with a block plane, and the next plank is glued on with epoxy. This glued lapstrake method is easy and enjoyable and explained in the instructions.