Build-Your-Own Compass Skiff

with your family and friends in 1 week!


Spring or summer 2020  @ TBD |TBD, Maine | Cost $TBD (tuition) $TBD (boat)

Contact Clint at 201-602-9587 FMI

Build the cutest little outboard skiff...

You can build the 10' Compass Skiff in just a week with your kids, friends, extended family members, or any helper you bring a long. You'll learn new skills, have a lot of fun, and at the end of the week we'll splash the boats as a great reward. 

Starting with a complete kit on day1, we prepare the parts and planks for construction. Day two is spent assembling the hull sides, and day 3 we put on the bottom and begin exterior completions. Day 4 and 5 is spent on interior construction and coating the boat with a sealer. Saturday morning we'll do odds-and-ends and, depending on the timeline and weather, we can possibly launch the boats.

At home, you will complete the detail work, sand, and paint the boats. We will send you home with painting kits and instructions (available in addition to workshop price). Together, your family, friends, and team can build and launch this boat!