Build-Your-Own Calendar Islands Yawl

And take it home from beautiful Port Townsend, Washington


September 18- October 1st, 2017 @ Northwest Maritime Center | Port Townsend, WA | CosT $4,995

Register by calling Clint Chase at 207-602-9587

Do you pine after the Calendar Islands Yawl?

But feel like you would like the direct help and instruction a class would bring? Do you want to bring your own CIY home with the direct guidance of the designer and professional boatbuilder? In this 2-week class, you will build your own Calendar and bring it home for your very own.

With a partner or two, or alone if you are ready for hard work, we will begin the week with a kit of parts and two strongbacks over which we will team up to plank multiple boats. This team approach will ensure that there are enough people to help plank the boat in the time we have. Once the boats are off the strongback at the end of week 1, you will be spending the rest of the time on your own boat.

In the second week, we will install gunwales, knees, and interior seating. We will build the daggerboard or centerboard trunks and work on the mast partner/step areas. By the end of the second week, we will have a boat that can be launched in the beautiful waters off the Maritime Center.

In this class you will also get an exciting introduction to the fundamentals of boatbuilding. How do you set up a proper strongback? How do you do glued-lapstrake planking well? What is the most efficient use of epoxy? How do you layout the interior of a boat? What are the important points to remember in preparing a boat for finishing? You will be able to answer these important questions at the end of the 2-week class.

At home, you will finish the detail work, rigging, and painting. Don't worry, you will go home with the plans and instruction manual and all the information you need to finish off a great boat. While working Clint will be available by phone and email to answer questions like I am for all my kit customers.

We will meet Monday evening for a social gathering and orientation at the shop. Class begins at 8:30am on the 18th and finishes at the end of the day on the 1st. Class runs 8:30-4:30pm daily with a few night sessions likely as we see fit. 

To register call Clint Chase @ 207-602-9587 or email at